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With Humble Gratitude...#LoveDuns

Two years ago, I shared with some ladies in my life that I wanted to begin a blog/journal. I was looking for an outlet during an extremely challenging time and I felt sharing some of my truths would not only be therapeutic to me but also others. Unfortunately, I allowed their discouragement to overtake my need, so I put the idea out of my head...or so I thought.

Many would ask - why would you expose yourself for the world to see. That was the same concern expressed by the ladies I consulted with. They felt I was putting an easy target on my back to be ridiculed by people. You see...that's the problem with the culture I'm from. Most Nigerians - Africans - hell most blacks have been programmed to often assume its best to conceal anything that can make you look relatively vulnerable. As a Mental Health professional, I understand the NEED to not alway hold back and the detriment I can cause!

Am I looking for attention....absolutely NOT! My reason for wanting to share my truths is more an act of selflessness than seeking pity. In fact, those who know me well, know that shy from being in the spotlight. However, some circumstances during these last few years, have encouraged me to let you know how my truths are in fact TESTIMONIES!

I have promised to not pressure myself with this blog. My sharing will be done as my mind and spirit compel me to. I hope you'll follow and continue to be inspired.

With Humble Gratitude,

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1 Comment

This and all of this👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Am so glad you have found your voice and will be sharing it with us 💕💕🥰🥰

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